Continuing Education Center

The Continuing Education Center is one of the most important windows that opens the horizons for its teaching staff and students through close association with stakeholders in the sector of (public, private and mixed), and through providing academic and scientific programs that can lead to applied research. CEC also seeks to find training opportunities for students in foreign and local private companies, which contribute actively to the acquisition of their experience, including administrative and engineering.

Courses implementation mechanism

The courses are implemented in accordance with the mechanism of determining the training needs for students and faculty members. The courses that the department focused on implementing them are considered qualitative for their importance in terms of the course material, the quality of the trainers and the method of attracting the trainees. The Continuing Education Center emphasized that the trainee should be able to absorb the training material and benefit from it by classifying the trainees on the basis of the certificate and the academic achievement as well as the qualifications of participating in the course as a background or a prerequisite required before joining the program.


The Continuing Education Center (CEC) aspires to become a center of excellence in providing quality education and training in a variety of fields to a diverse population of learners in Iraq and the Middle East.


The mission of the Continuing Education Center (CEC) is to meet the lifelong learning and training needs of learners in the local community and the region. Harnessing useful resources in various fields of knowledge, CEC offers a variety of standard and customized certificate programs, non-credit courses, and workshops in Iraq and the region. CEC aims to enhance professional and technical skills while addressing the needs for personal development and cultural enrichment.


  • Teaching courses for university employees at the department headquarter. The number of implemented courses is three with (40 participants per course)

  • Five training programs were implemented for Basra Gas Company with 20 trainees per each program

  • Conducting a training program for graduate students through Cisco Networking Academy and in cooperation with the Cisco Academy at the American University of Lebanon.

  • A grant to establish the English Language Center was gained from the US-based IREX Foundation for the Development of Higher Education in Iraq.

  • Training of four professors in the field of English Language at the University of Missouri

  • A grant for training three professors in English language skills in the industrial field at Advanced Language Institute were gained

Organization chart of CEC

Training Division

Division Objectives:

  1. Study, plan, upgrade and implement training courses for faculty members and staff of technical support and services, to meet all the necessary needs.
  2. Work on creating groups of students  from all colleges and institutes of STU university and other Universities,  to cooperate in the development of their capacity and  to shape their skills and talents.
  3. Coordination with stakeholders in the public, private and mixed sectors to create bridges of communication in the field of training and human resources development in the southern region of Iraq.
  4. Find new ways to develop processes and methods used in administrative tasks through cooperation with companies specialized in this aspect.
  5. Search for the latest technology and innovations used in the field of teaching methods and curriculum.
  6. Conduct teaching courses in cooperation with specialized cadres from our university and other universities.
  7. Find opportunities for grants that develop faculty members through training courses and funds for research project support.
  8. Holding seminars and workshops that discuss the problems of society and working on finding solutions to them.
  9. Communicate with working bodies to know the specializations and skills required from fresh graduates to determine the training needs to sharpen student talent during and after graduation.

Administration Division

Division Objectives:

  1. Follow-up administrative and university orders regarding trainers and the announcement of training courses
  2. Management of employee files and dissemination of training programs
  3. Documentation of all activities

Development Division

Division Objectives:

  1. Supporting community service activities that serve its members in the field of human development.
  2. Providing assistance to the unemployed by providing training programs that enable them to get a job or start their own project to ensure a better life for them.
  3. Sponsoring and supporting gifted people through the establishment of various scientific festivals aimed to encourage and support them to continue their work.
  4. Coordinating with local and international civil society organizations to establish exhibitions of crafts produced by the unemployed for the purpose of marketing their products