Water salinity in Basra city is a major subject that has to be highlighted

Water salinity in Basra city is a major subject that has to be highlighted

The President of the Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mudhaffer S. AL-Zuhairy, held an extensive meeting regarding water salinity in Basra city. The meeting was attended by some specialists and scientific staff from the university’s formations. In the outset of his speech, Dr. AL-Zuhairy emphasized on the importance of such meetings as they raise the caution of the problems and work to find effective solutions to them. Pointing out that the university has dedicated all the efforts to help Basra’s water scarcity and salinity through their academic staff recommendations and scientific researchers. AL-Zuhairi pointed out that the responsibility now lies on us, as academics and researchers, therefore we must invest all the time to overcome this ordeal, and we are able with the help of God to overcome it.

The meeting came out with several recommendations, including:

1- The University is fully prepared to provide its expertise through working with researchers and academics.

2- The university adopts the formation of groups of students for the purpose of field visits of residential housing to aware and educate citizens.

3- The formation of a crisis cell within the university that includes researchers and academics concerned in this regard.

4- The University will organize a workshop managed by experts and researchers from the Southern Technical University and the University of Basra with the participation of the local government.

5- The University will undertake to set up a water desalination plant at the university site to cover the needs of the students, employees and the residential district within the university campus.

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