The rehabilitation works are ongoing in the Department of Electronics at BTI.

Both the President of STU and the Vice President for administration affairs have visited the Basra Technical institute and checked the ongoing rehabilitation works for the Department of Electronics. The dean of BTI Dr. Maki H. Ali appreciated their visit to the institute, and briefed them on the latest developments, including the engineering and technical [...]

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The department of QA/UP at STU has organized a meeting included all the administrators of QA/UP at the university.

The discussion of the meeting dealt with the most important issues presented on the timetable, in addition to some recommendations which were made by the attendees. Dr. Rita Adam the head of QA/UP department at STU, has discussed with the attendees about last year activates, works and case studies, focusing on the importance of documenting [...]

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The president of STU meets the Director of IDB – International Development Bank for Investment and Finance, Iraq-Basra.

The president of the Southern Technical University Prof. Dr. Mudhaffer S. AL-Zuhairy met the director of the International Development Bank for Investment and Finance Branch of Basra, Mr. Mahdi Reza Mahdi. The meeting dealt with the ways of joint cooperation in the provision of banking services for university employees. The Director of the Branch said [...]

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The Health and Medical Technical College held a technical course on PCR applications

A training course on PCR applications took place in the biotechnological laboratory for 3 days from 10/9 to 12/9/2018. PCR is a laboratory technique based on multiplying copies of DNA outside the biological system. It has many applications in the field of DNA research, genetics and detection of genetic mutations, the identification of DNA and [...]

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A faculty member from our university heads a Master’s discussion committee at College of Science, University of Basra

Prof. Dr. Aqeel Yousif Hashim, has headed a Master's discussion committee at College of Science, University of Basra, for the student: Aseel Abdulazeez from the department of Physics. Her thesis title was: Preparation and study of the properties of silicon nanotubes and their applications in solar cells and photosensitivity

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Huawei ICT Skill Competition Middle East 2018

Huawei is a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution provider, Huawei Certification System is well –recognized and is becoming a standard for ICT talent cultivation. In order to promote ICT industry technology certification, develop ICT industry talent and a strong ecosystem, Huawei would like to invite colleges and universities in the Middle East [...]

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The Council of the College of Graduate Studies at STU holds its first session for the new academic year 2018-2019

The Council of the College of Graduate Studies held its first session for the academic year 2018-2019. The Council was chaired by the Vice President of the University for Scientific Affairs, who is also the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa Farid Abdul-Ahad. He started the meeting by congratulating the attenders for the [...]

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CEC continues its training courses

The President of the Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mudhaffer S. AL-Zuhairy, visited a number of courses carried out by the Continuing Education Center at STU. He looked over the curriculum delivered by the Center in cooperation with the university formations. Al-Zuhairy emphasized that the university is always striving to keep abreast of the most [...]

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The president of STU is inspecting the ongoing civil works for the maintenance of university Dormitories

The President of the Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mudhaffer S. AL-Zuhairy, inspected the ongoing civil and technical works in the dormitories of one of the university's departments for the purpose of maintaining them. AL-Zuhairy instructed the supervisors of these works to accelerate their work and complete the remaining stages of maintenance before the start of [...]

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STU is installing a desalination plant at its headquarter

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mudhaffer S. AL-Zuhairy, has checked the first steps of installing a desalination plant in the University HQ. AL-Zuhairy declared that this work comes in line with the crisis experienced by the province of Basra and related to the scarcity of drinking water and to its poor [...]

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