The Presidency of the Southern Technical University honors a group of students who have returned from the summer training course in Turkey

A great experience, and for the first time, some of our students have experienced the summer training course overseas. The presidency of our university "STU" has honored them, after a successful finish. Our students expressed their gratings and thanks to our University for given them such a wonderful opportunity, to earn knowledge from other universities [...]

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STU participates in the vocational and technical training reform project in Iraq

A delegation from the Southern Technical University participated in the workshop of the Vocational and Technical Training Reform Project in Iraq, supported by the European Union and held in Erbil. The Director of CEC, Maher Taleb Abdelzahra informed us that this workshop focused on how to model the training work for students and stakeholders in [...]

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Huawei ICT Skill Competition Middle East 2018

Huawei is a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution provider, Huawei Certification System is well –recognized and is becoming a standard for ICT talent cultivation. In order to promote ICT industry technology certification, develop ICT industry talent and a strong ecosystem, Huawei would like to invite colleges and universities in the Middle East [...]

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STU held a workshop on how to secure water in Iraq

With the support of American Consulate, STU held a workshop on how to secure water in Iraq presented by IREX International Organization. Dr. Barney Austin a specialized international expert in hydrology, hydraulics and water resources planning from Texas USA, has presented a couple of studies which were made on similar cases to what Iraq is [...]

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Workshop on e-Governance organized by STU

The International Electronic Governance Workshop, organized by the Southern Technical University in cooperation with ACM International. During the opening speech, Dr. AL-Zuhairy the President of the University emphasized on the necessity of holding such workshops. He admits that the university is going on the right way through scientific research. He mentioned the most recent conference [...]

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STU is involving in GTX International Exhibition at Baghdad International Fair

In the framework of its endeavor to participate in various scientific fields at local and global levels. STU has participated for the first time as one of three universities in the GTX International Exhibition and conference. The GTX I Exhibition was about Information and Communication Technology and held for the period from June 27th to [...]

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A Training Course in Computer Skills from IT Center at STU for submitted graduates studies students

IT center at STU provides the submitted students for graduates studies a training course of computer skills.  the Training Course, in which many students and from different universities had participated, and presented by the instructor Mr. Mueen M. AL-Rubaye to helping the users to learn more about how to develop your computer skills such as [...]

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