Vice President for Administrational Affairs

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Vice President for

Administration and Financial Affairs

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rifat M. Dakhil

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Organization Chart of Vice President Departments

Tasks and duties

1-Teaching by legal rules .

2-Developing, organizing and planning the manpower and personnel affairs, also to overseeing programs to rehabilitate and raise the efficiency of employees as well as patronizing their rights and ensuring to achieve the duties of the university.

3-Support the Presidency of the University in clarifying the objectives, drawing up the strategic plan and making central decisions that concern the university.

4-Supervising the plans, programs and policies of the departments, divisions and units and ensuring the safety and accuracy of the achievement.

5-Provide suggestions to develop the administrative and structural organization of the university as a whole as well as  carrying out the  general goals and plans into achievements  and activities, also  applying of quality management.

6-Making schedule for jobs and specifying the staff and vacancies annually in coordination with the Department of Administrative Affairs as well as update the human resources plan also to get the fundamental approvals from the Ministry.

7-Studying the needs of staff and nominate them for courses to develop their abilities and skills and provide the necessary of training and qualification opportunities.

8-Observing daily work and solve project’s problems to improve it.

9-Working on developing and building team spirit among the subordinates and encouraging them to provide the  suggestions and new ideas.

10- Ensuring that all tasks and duties of within departments, divisions and organizational units contribute to the achievement of the objectives  of the university as well as  educational process to get the general goals.

11- Following up all procedures of departments, divisions and units where they  back to transport, loan, annual visits, bonuses, annual reports, promotion.

12-Allow  vacations and  observing their documentation  and checking  them  in reports and forms.

13-Organizing work contracts at the University with daily wages for service and maintenance purposes and obtaining approvals from the President of the University.

14-Follow-up work progress and the daily attendance of employees at the right time at the beginning of official working hours and leaving after the end of official working hours. The Department of Administrative Affairs or the Assistant Secretary’s Office is required to lift the names of absentees from daily work.

15-Working to follow up the requirements of the daily work of the employees and penalizing the neglecters in the departments, divisions and units of the Vise President when there is a defect in the performance of duties.

16-Preparation of memorandums concerning with the services of services ended employees  (retirement, resignation, termination of service, reaching the legal age) and obtaining the approval of the President of the University to take the necessary measures.

17-pursuing and chairing committees of the  government’s  employees

18- Any other tasks within the limits of his functions and responsibilities.   

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