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Aqeel Yousif Hasihim

Director of Studies & Planning Department

Lecturer at Basra Technical Institute

Southern Technical University

Basrah, Iraq- Alzubair Highway

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The department always seeks a better future for our university through planning and case studies, a better education system through promoting the study fields and staff. Keeping our educational system on track with other national and international universities to promote study fields and establish new ones. Being always ahead in providing developed training programs.



1- Preparing a wide database to enable colleges, departments and institutes visualizing a clear picture on how do they work and progress.
2- Initializing future plans for knowledge development framed inside a complete solid system depending on job filed opportunities.
3- Put forward a vision for the future of the University according to new experiences.
4- Review the education programs constantly to give them the flexibility that makes them able to deal with reality.
5- Helping on putting the necessary foundations and standards for the planning process in the administrative, financial and academic areas.
6- Cooperation and coordination with the Department of Engineering at the University in terms of reconstruction projects and investment projects required for the development and reconstruction of the University.
7- Preparing the annual scientific plan of the university and following up its implementation.
8- Preparing and organizing the actual and technical employees as well as the administrative and financial staff in accordance with the approved official rules and regulations.
9- Preparation of statistical reports concerning faculties and centers of the University.
10- Carry out administrative development tasks for the university and its colleges and centers.
11- Formulate the goals of the university in a clear manner and study the general means to achieve these goals.
12- Evaluate the annual progress within the development plan (Strategic Plan).
13- Periodic follow-up of the activities of the university presidency and its formations as well as comparing current performance with pre-performance and planning for future performance.
14- Follow-up to what is referred to the department including ministerial correspondence in coordination with the university and its formations.
15- Continue to identify the future needs of faculties and departments through expansions in the development of colleges and scientific departments and work on scheduling these needs and determine the requirements of buildings and equipment.
16- Knowing the general criteria used in planning, monitoring and performance for the purpose of evaluating it and developing software compatible with the scientific potential in order to raise the scientific level and improve the proportion of the data of the current stage.


Organizational Chart of Studies and Planning Department

This division is a link between the database of colleges and institutes and the presidency divisions’ database. It is a technical division which is responsible on supporting the human resources of the university through specialized programs and database updates.

The preparation of database for each academic staff member of each college and institute which belongs to STU.

1- A database contains the names of academic and non-academic staff members, it also contains the following: Nationality, Gender, Specialty (General and specific), Date of Birth, Hiring date, Certificate and the country from which it was granted, the scientific degree and its date of acquisition, and his/her position at STU.

2- Numbering the academic staff according to College/Institute, Department, Gender, Degree, Scientific Ranking, and the country from which his/her certificate was granted.

3- Database of academic staff names, with their dissertations contain their supervisors’ names, and the name of the department from which they were granted their dissertations.

4- Updating the database and send the update on monthly basis to the Ministry of Higher Education. The update includes: a change in ranking, a retirement, changing position, long term vacations, or new employment.

5- A database with the names of lecturers from outside the university.

6- Preparing statistical reports for the university’s head quarter, and its colleges and institutes, and determines the affiliation of the university staff.

7- Checking and following up all forms related to teaching staff and employees.

8- Preparing a monthly seminars with the representatives of databases in the faculties and departments of the university to cooperate and coordinate and thus complete the work.

9- Alumni Bulletin for each year.

10- University emails.

11- Number of library visitors per month.

12- Developing and modernizing the human resources management system in the university.

13- Provide technical and analytical advice to database system designers, Such as university employees system and teaching staff system. Offering design proposals including: database, programs, reports and statistics useful for by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Division of Studies is one of the most important divisions of Studies and Planning Department in the University Presidency. As this division carries out ongoing tasks and activities including:

1- Development of colleges, institutes, formations, departments, centers, divisions, units, curriculum and school systems.

2- This Division shall also obtain the necessary approvals for the purpose of changing the name of a college, department or a branch.

3- Follow-up of minutes of meeting.

4- University Academic Calendar.

5- The preparation of five-year and ten-year plans.

6- Conducting fundamentalism correspondence for the purpose of naming a graduation congregation for each academic year.

7- Develop the annual training plan for university employees, colleges and centers, and submit it to the Vice president for administrative affairs at the University for Approval.

8- Dissemination of the plan at all university formations (colleges and centers), for the purpose of nominating their candidates after coordination with continuing education center in the specialized colleges, and thus to implement the training programs contained in the above plan.

9- Follow up the implementation of the procedure of the training plan in coordination with the continuing education center units at the colleges.


1- Preparation of the annual report of the University.

2- Answering the reports received from the external source of control and monitoring.

3- University statistics.

4- Attending the statistics meetings in Baghdad City.

5- University plan for students’ acceptance.

6- Answering the letters received from the ministry and from other universities.

7- Receive and save mails and answer the presidential departments with internal notes.

8- Monthly updating the University statistics.

9- The Oracle program was installed by the IT center. This program forms a database that let us upload all the data of university staff and employees, including outside lecturers and daily paid workers.

10- The annual report which contains tables for preliminary studies and research concerning professors, scholarships and courses for university employees, projects and financial expenses as well as conferences.

11- Surveying the statistics of the cars, which belong to the government, from any addition, theft, maintenance or malfunction of vehicles and equipment, and only for vehicles that belong to the university.

12- Statistics of our university graduates.

13- Surveying Nurseries at our university.

14- Admission Scheme.

15- Survey of parallel education, vocational training and development.

16- Counting the number of displaced students. (Displaced students are the students who left their origin university due to a war conflict or catastrophe, and came to our university to complete their studies).

17- Number of students who their academic programs have been cancelled.

18- The statistical program prepared by the Ministry.

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