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The President of University 

Dr. Mudhaffer S.  Al-Zuhairy

The president of STU is Dr. Mudhafar S. Al-Zuhairy, who is a professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, he managed within last 16 years many technical colleges and institutes in the Iraqi ministry of higher education and scientific research. He promotes to open new programs and education levels to satisfy the community especially for the stakeholders  or job seekers who wants to be a part from STU  population  for better future. Dr. Al-Zuhairy has many international  academic publications in his field and points of interest and he has been attending so many worldwide academic  activities and scientific alongside with many  development conferences.

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Organization Chart of President Departments

Tasks and duties

  • The President of the University Council and the responsible of the scientific and administrative affairs of STU.

  • The responsible of nominating the deans of the Colleges and choosing the Heads for the Departments

  • Making plans and projects to develop the scientific and administrative field of STU as well as follow up the achievements.

  • The management of the financial affairs according to the legal conditions.

  • The responsible of appointment and reassignment the staff at STU as well as the faculty members.

  • Promotion the employee of STU according to the legal conditions.

  • Transferring the staff and teaching members between universities.

  • Giving the vacations to the Vices and staff members

  • Holding workshops, seminars and courses

  • Approving the delegations within Iraq for employee of STU.

  • Transferring students between Universities.

  • Providing the right human abilities.

  • Follow up the educational process as well as representing periodic reports to the Ministry.

  • Directing and control the research activity at STU.

  • In coordination with the Ministry, determining the dates of study, exam and holidays for Colleges and Institutions.

  • Observing the progress of STU studies, in which included students admissions and looking for students issues and working on solving them.

  • Communicating with Civil society activates.

  • Providing reports about activities of STU.

  • The Official representative of the University for international and local occasion.

  • Authorizing some deans and assistants for some tasks.

  • Follow up the projects and activates.

  • Supervising the university budget and the responsibility of the financial affairs.

  • Follow-up cooperation agreements, research centers and organizations with other universities.

  • Consider and approve the decisions of the meetings of the College Councils

  • Approve the scientific education for students inside and outside the country according to the law of university service

  • Follow-up of scientific teaching and research at the university

  • Granting fellowships (according to the agreements with the university) and the academic vacations for the students to complete their studies inside and outside the country

  • Proposing of opening colleges and scientific departments to the University Council or canceling them after a recommendation from the College Councils

  • Approval of the minutes of the committees of the central scientific promotions and the committees of authorship, consolidation and translation

  • Signing the certificates of graduated students

  • Issuing university orders for the graduation of undergraduates and postgraduates students

  • Issuing the university orders for the scientific promotions of the university teachers after being approved by the relevant authorities

  • Signing cultural agreements with various universities and scientific institutions in other countries after the approval of the University Council and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • Approval of the second extension of graduate students and upon recommendation of the College Council.

  • Discussing all matters that related to the university with various government departments (except the offices of ministers).

  • Approve the dispatch of teaching staff outside the country according to the regulations set by the University Council

  • Refer the employees of the technicians and administrators to retire upon reaching the legal age according to the Civil Service Law.

  • Refer subjects that fall outside of his direction to the University Council for discussing.

  • Assigning some of the employees of the university to the tasks required by the work of the university and according to the law of university service and civil service

  • Appointment of directors of departments in the university and its formations on the recommendation of the Dean of the College or the Institute and their confirmation and exemption, except for the directors of the dormitories (in coordination with Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Apparatus).

  • Recommend to the University Council to appoint deans of the colleges and institutes of the University.

  • Give appreciation to the university employees for their outstanding work

  • Punishing employees and technicians after proving what is required by law, with the exception of the sentences of separation and isolation.

  • Stopping the penalties imposed on employees after exhausting their purposes according to the law

  • To give the university employees three month regular leave with full salary according to the law.

  • Approving the disbursement of all budget paragraphs of the university according to the instructions of the budget, and not more than (100000000) ID

  • Approving the payment within the investment plan projects as stipulated by the contracts signed with the university and after the recommendation of the engineering department and not more than two billion Iraqi dinars (the limits of this authority should be reviewed periodically)

  • Give cash and rewards and not more than (100,000) one hundred thousand dinars for each case.

  • Proposing the budget of the university and submitting it to the Ministry after approval by the University Council.

  • Approve the pledges of various constriction and contracts related to the University’s activities and projects.

  • Approve the purchase and import of materials and equipment necessary for the operation of the University and its colleges.

  • Grant cash rewards to non-university employees for the services they provide in completing the work and achieving the objectives of the university and no more than (50,000) ID.

Director of the President Office


  1. Coordinating the dates of the university president

  2. Organizing the work of the Office and arrange the structure of work.

  3. Organizing the dealing of other characters who have dealing with the President of the University.

  4. Announce the Deans of the meeting dates.

  5. Checking incoming and outgoing mail for the president.

  6. Organizing the interviews of teachers and staff.

  7. Indexing and keeping all official correspondence issued or received by the President Office.

  8. Printing all Official letters of the President Office.

  9. Distributing all office mail within departments and divisions of the office.

  10. Complete all assignments received from the President of the University.

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