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Aqeel Yousif Hasihim

Director of Postgraduate Studies Department

Lecturer at Basra Technical Institute

Southern Technical University

Basrah, Iraq- Alzubair Highway

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About the Department

Postgraduate Studies department is the reference to all postgraduate studies divisions at STU colleges and institutes. As well as a link between those divisions and the presidency of the University. The department is also functionally linked to the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through its Postgraduate Studies Department. The objective of the department is to organize and direct all matters related to postgraduate studies from the orders, controls and instructions between the Supreme Executives and the implementing authorities in the colleges and institutes of the university.

Mission: Our mission is to upgrade the level of postgraduate studies as well as provide all the necessary requirements including services and scientific and technical consultations. Prepare the rules and instructions which are necessary in facing problems and obstacles that may occur to an applicant or a staff member


Objectives: Our department aims to organize the performance of postgraduate studies in the university, and always seeks for expansions through future plans. Such as introducing a PhD. program in the departments where they already have MSc. program and are scientifically and financially capable.

Increasing the number of postgraduate students.

Supporting research projects and providing a solid system of educational materials.

Duties of the Admissions Division

1- Study and identify the admission plans and gather information about the qualified teaching staff who will be responsible on supervising and teaching postgraduate students, then send the information gathered to the Department of Research and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the approval.

2- Giving opinions and contribution in preparing admission regulations of postgraduate studies for next year admission and that usually take place in April and May and in coordination with the ministry.

3- Preparation and implementation of postgraduate studies divisions at colleges and institutes to receive the application forms from applicants in addition to answer any inquiry that the applicant may have.

4- Collect, study and sort all the applications which applicants have already submitted, in order to obtain the results and display the acceptable postgraduate students.

5- Deliver orders and instructions concerning postgraduate studies to colleges and institutes, as well as answering their questions and inquiries regarding same issue or send them to a higher committee, all year around.

6- Prepare timetables and statistics regarding postgraduate studies and students, all year around.

7- Answering all postgraduate students’ questions and inquiries regarding their study in coordination with the ministry, all year around.

8- Identify the number of applicants applying for postgraduate studies according to the different competencies.

9- Receive the acceptance test results.

10- Sorting the accepted and non-accepted students according to their results.

11- Documentation and preservation of full study data for graduates, all year around.

Duties of Student Affairs Division

1- Follow up all students’ at the registration day and vacations as well as postpones, delays and deadlines, and issue official letters to facilitate postgraduate students’ mission with all parties.

2- Answering letters concerning the validity of the university order of a graduated student status after auditing.

3- Seeking for cooperation with other Iraqi universities in order to provide postgraduate study offers for our students in case of applying for non-existent postgraduate program at our university.

4- Preparing notes concerning student’s status, and direct them to University Council.

5- Guide postgraduate students to adhere to the methodology of writing letters and their graduation thesis.

6- Auditing postgraduate students priorities in order to grant them their certificates after finishing all the graduation requirements.

7- Scheduling the viva date and forming the examiner committee as well as auditing dissertations and thesis.

8- Archiving all inbox and outbox letters of the department.

9- Preparing and preserving a full database for each student starting from the first date of registration and ending with the date of thesis submission, both paper and electronic copies.

10- Updating student statistics (current students and graduates).

11- Archiving official letters and University orders of postgraduate students.

Duties of University Orders Division

1- Issuing a university order concerning an acceptance of a student and send it to the ministry of higher education.

2- Issuing a university order concerning granting the graduated student with a certificate after checking his priorities.

3- Issuing all the following university orders:

      a- Postponing a program of study.

      b- Delaying a deadline.

      c- Viva date for PhD. students.

      d- Cease file of failed student or release it.

4- Auditing documents and approving them in coordination with the president’s assistant for scientific affairs.

5- Auditing parchments and approving them in coordination with the university president office.

6- Collecting statistics concerning graduates according to colleges and departments and then provide a copy of these statistics to the department of Planning and Follow-up.

7- Answering the ministry of higher education on subjects concerning thesis and dissertations according to their letters and requirements.

8- Archiving official letters and University Orders of postgraduate students.

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