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Khawla Shehab Satar

Director of Department of Financial Affairs

Southern Technical University

Basrah, Iraq- Alzubair Highway

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About the Department:

The department of financial affairs was established in 2014, in the same year where our university was established, while it was activated after the university being separated from the Foundation of Technical Education in both financial and administrational sectors. The department of financial affairs follows up the financial requirements and works at the university, in addition to that, it works on maintaining the administrative works through following up the activity of each division of the department of the financial affairs.


Organizing Chart of Department of Financial Affairs

Duties of department of financial affairs:

1- Implementation of the budget after approval according to the regulations of exchange and collection. Make the necessary budgetary commitments according to the regulations and distribute them to different items depending on the nature and type of exchange and deduction of the amount of the allocated item and beneficiary cost center.

2- Keep records of detailed links to all items and programs

3- Periodic follow-up of all items and reporting on the financial position of the University’s budget.

4- Review unused assignments and update them to optimize budget utilization.

5- Follow-up the various financial appropriations and compare them with the actual disbursement and make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the approved instructions.

This division consists of:

Disbursement unit, Safe unit, Records unit and Salaries unit.

Duties of Disbursement Unit:

1- Organizing the salaries documents for the Presidency of the University and its affiliated colleges and the funding documents for the formations.

2- Organization of delegates’ owning documents inside and outside Iraq.

3- Organizing the exchange documents for the wages of publishing a research.

4- Organizing the exchange documents for the allocations of the Masters students inside Iraq.

5- Organizing exchange documents for the secretaries of the Chambers.

6- Organizing exchange documents for students who are licensed to study outside of Iraq.

7- Organizing the exchange documents for purchasing committees and maintenance committees for the presidency of the university and its affiliated colleges.

8- Organizing the exchange documents for the fees of the Internet for the presidency of the university and its affiliated colleges.

9- Organizing the exchange documents for the foundation of national retirement.

10- Organizing the exchange documents for daily paid employees.

Duties of safe Unit:

1- Paying salaries for all university employees including its president and vice presidents.

2- Receiving the amounts of money returned by university formations and deposit them in the bank as secretaries.

3- Close the safe at the end of each month and deposit its money in the bank by a receipt.

4- Paying all dues from delegations, overtime, prepaid phone calls, salaries of daily paid employees, and rewards.

5- Organizing a special record for all receipts of university presidency and formations.

6- Numbering all documents and saving them in box files in an organized way.

Duties of Records Unit:

1- Journal Record

The competent officer shall download all documents for disbursement, registration and verification by the internal control and match them and print them then send them to the Ministry of Finance to collect the monthly salaries. Copies of the preservation shall remain in the Department of financial affairs.

2- Financial advances Record

The competent officer shall download all the documents of exchange and registration, then check and match them at the end of the month with a daily register.

3- Expense record

The competent officer shall download, check and match all documents of exchange and registration at the end of the month with the daily register. Signatures of the employee, auditor, accountant, financial director and the university president are required, then send them to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher Education. This procedure is repeated every month.

4- The employee will download all financial receivables and check them, then send them to the department of deduction.

5- Archive Division

The staff is responsible for archiving the work of the Records Division by scribbling all tables and scales, then printing the new tables after checking them and matching them in the Division. After that, send them to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher Education.

6- The Division Officer directly supervises all the work of the Division in a concrete manner, providing assistance to each employee, providing the necessary advice to each person in the Division and providing them with answers as soon as possible. He also writes the settlement restrictions on the disbursement of the advances for each advance payment in the settlement and checks all the documents and the signature of the university accountant, the Director of Finance and Auditor before saving them.

Duties of salaries Unit

1- Organizing salaries’ datasheets.

2- Preparing a form of last month salary for an employee in case of being transferred to another institute or being a new member.

3- Accounting scholarships.

4- Accounting study dues.

5- Preparing salaries support letter.

6- Saving mails and salaries changes.

7- Organizing individual lists in the case of new appointments.

8- Preparing summer work wages.

9- Answering all members’ inquiries.

10- Answering all official payroll, orders, and letters.

Duties of Equipment Division

1- Receiving the purchased materials of all kinds and issuing a bond to enter them.

2- Store the purchased materials in specialized stores and sort them according to their type.

3- Issuing receipts for the output materials which will be received by the departments of the presidency and the formations of the university.

4- Record the input and output materials in a store record specifically organized for this purpose.

5- Periodic inventory to verify the input records with the actual inventory.

6- Receiving all grants and rewards gained by worldwide sectors to our university and publish a memorandum for the purpose of valuing and verifying them in records.

7- Issuing a memorandum for the purpose of checking out the consumed materials.

8- Providing the annual reports for the inventory process after checking the stored materials.

The Division prepares the annual estimated budget and discusses it with the Ministry of Finance. Identify the needs and requirements of colleges, centers and institutes by providing them with financial allocations, materials, services, maintenance and salaries, in addition to follow them monthly with the ministry of finance. Following the received letters from the ministry, as well as instructions, and then distribute them over the formations of the university.

This division is responsible of the unification of budgets, which are issued by university formations, in one budget. Preparing the expenses table at the university level regarding the exploitation and implementation of disbursement within the financial allocations under the federal budget. In addition to determine the percentage of overspending within the budgeted specialties.

The Division executes expenditures for capital projects within the investment budget for projects contracted with the University. The disbursement of approved assignments by checking and calculating workloads provided by the engineering department. Following-up of absolute funding by the Ministry of Planning, and prepare monthly schedules containing the expenses on which the funding depends on the Ministry of Finance. Preparation of monthly budgets and follow-up transfers between projects within the annual plan for the investment budget.

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