Prof. Dr Muzaffar honest Zuhairi In the name of God the Merciful, “say work soon will Allah observe your work and Rcolھ believers and” the truth of God Almighty Yes .. We say Yes we will keep working and working, and we will chart a paced, draw roads Nlon paths of good for others, look for in our souls might find what relaxes the conscience and is pleased Khater without Ngerh than hold them in our souls respect and appreciation … they march difficult, Knھa of magnificence what Sیsgelھ us all history in letters of light, they begin the start of a thousand mile Anoanھa perseverance and effort multiplier Drosھa will remain in the conscience and experience a lesson and sacrifice. What Aroek Aیھa sincere to your business give us in every Nھar lesson for creativity and glamor, what Anblk Aیھa Sharif self-made and you are persistent to respect the time of others, our way Aیھa brothers difficult …. do not be surprised they fact everything bearing sense of the word, and our great contemplates us Mstqublھ Alaudhae …. our students consider us fresh acquittal Oھa Ttosm us success and self-denial …. difficult ….. our way needs to be patience for the effort to reach and we are the winners that God does not accept our way …. Alrھan either to be or not to be. …. I invite you all to Chdoa Tstnھadwa Alھmm and determined to succeed …… all our doors wide open for creative Nglqھa not only at large muggers and corrupt, and you are of them innocent, our doors are open to the faithful in Houdorھm and Ansravھm of always for those who are thinking about building human rights. .. We need to effort everyone does exclude one of you, do not think that I sergeants and inspectors you are good and tender and confidence big and you title Almtaulh address, but I search in you always look for the reservoirs of good and success and creativity in order to Antherھa before you … that the relationship between the President and the subordinate does not can Lھa succeed without consistent visions and realized conviction and mature experience to be a lesson advantage Mnھ the short and long term, the most in my hand on your hands Aیھa nujaba committed and I congratulate you Sntekm new wishing all more tender and success, and know that the good results achieved throughout the period past what But the result is the insistence and the determination of who the benevolent In setting on themselves, but to be in the foreground, yes all roads leading to the truth and the right …… difficult but not Tstouhhoa right through to the lack of Saleckیھ ….. not Tstouhhoa Hussein through the lack of Saleckیھ .. … Every year, you thousand thousand good.