University Council is the highest administrative authority in the university, formed in South Technical University accordance with the administrative g / a / 1003 dated 23 / December / 2014 selves listed below:

1. Prof. Muzaffar sadek Zuhairi                   head of South Technical University                                     president

2. O.m.d. Abdul Wahab Abdul Razzaq         Rector Assistant for Academic Affairs                                  member

3. O.m.d. Rifat Mohammed Dakhil                Rector Assistant for Administrative Affairs                            member

4. Prof. Jawad Kadhim Mahdi                       Dean of the College of Health and medical technology           member

5. O.m.d. Adnan Abdullah Atiq                     Dean of Engineering Technical College                                member

6. MD Jaber Hussein Ali                               Dean of Administrative Technical College                             member

7. Prof. Yahya Abdul Redha Abbas             Dean Technical Institute / Nasiriyah                                    member