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Qurna Technical Institute

Year Journal Researcher Name Research College/Institute
November 2015 Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Alaa K. Al-Derawi Thermal decomposition of some organ tellurium compounds based on di(cyclohexylmethyl) telluride Qurna Technical Institute
2016 Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Diaa A. Abdel Karim Effect of potassium Fertilization and   Foliar Fertilization with zinc on the Growth features and crop of Wheat     

Qurna Technical Institute


June 2017 IEEE Internet of Things Journal


Hayder A. A. Al-Kashoash Congestion Control for 6LoWPAN Networks: A Game Theoretic Framework Qurna Technical Institute
Oct. 2014 IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) Ali M. Shahin Sangor  

 Value Added Tax between Reality & Ambition

Qurna Technical Institute
2015 Research Journal of Finance and Accounting Ali M. Shahin Sangor The role of – commerce to reduce costs and it is impact on small and medium – sized companies . Qurna Technical Institute
2014    Iraq J. Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

Zain-Aldeen S. A.Rahman
Wirelessly Controlled Irrigation System Qurna Technical Institute
Mar 2017 International Research Journal Of Engineering  And  Technolgy  ( IRJET)  

Zain-Aldeen S. A.Rahman
Smart  Incubater Based On PID Controller . Qurna Technical Institute
July 2017 International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends  

Zain-Aldeen S. A.Rahman
Design a Fuzzy Logic Controller for Controlling The Postion of The D.C. Motor Qurna Technical Institute
February 2016 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews  ( ELSEVIER)  Hayder A. Alrazen A review of the effect of hydrogen addition on the performance and emissions of the compression – Ignition engine Qurna Technical Institute
June 2016 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY (ELSEVIER) Hayder A. Alrazen A two-component CFD studies of the effects of H2,

CNG, and diesel blend on combustion

characteristics and emissions of a diesel engine

Qurna Technical Institute
2017 Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology – Journal  

 Hayder A. Alrazen

A Review Study on Diesel and Natural Gas and Its Impact on CI

Engine Emissions

Qurna Technical Institute
November 2015 Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences  

Abdul Ghafor A. Abdul Hameed

Mutual Coupling Reduction of a (2×1) MIMO Antenna System Using

Parasitic Element Structure for WLAN Applications

Qurna Technical Institute
30.07.2017 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences  

Abdul Ghafor A. Abdul Hameed

Flexible (2 * 1) MIMO antenna with electromagnetic band gap unit cell for

WiMAX applications

Qurna Technical Institute
2016 World Journal of Engineering   

Ehsan Mohsin Alhamdawee

Comparison of developed FLC and P&O MPPT

algorithms for improving PV system

performance at variable irradiance conditions

Qurna Technical Institute
2015 Journal of Kerbala University  

Ali Fadel Hassan.



Qurna Technical Institute

Basrah Tecinical institute

N Research spesialization Researcher Name Journal Issuring Authority Ref Year
3 Signal Design for Higher Capacity Correlated Fading Signature Multiple Access communications Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad Wireless Networks ISSN Springer vol.20/no.8 2014
4 High  Reliabity of Real -time VisualData Transmiss Using Superposition Coding with Riversity communications Engineering Dr.Yasin aHassan, Dr.Waleed A. Awad, C.Kyun N.k.Noordin .B.Mohd.All Telecommunication systemsISSUN:1018-4864 Springer vol.57,no.2 2014
10 Anew Approach in the observation of tow succesive coronalMass ejections(CMEs) Environment Dr.Wathiq A.Taha Basra Journal of Science   vol.32 2014
26 Estimating of time and Heliospheric location of the accelerated energetic protons associated with two coronal mass ejection in the multi-eruption sola energetic particles events Environment Dr.Wathiq A.Taha,Dr. Duha Mahmood,Dr.Amjad Abdel Nabey Journal of Thi Qar ISSUN 1991-8690 vol.4(4) 2014
27 Anew Approach in the observation of two successive coronal Mass ejections Environment Dr. Wathiq A. Taha,Dr. Duha Mahmood Dr. Amjad Abdel Nabey Basra Journal of Science   vol.32(1) 2014
38 The importance of Activity Based Cost (ABC) to guide the administrative discions Administrational Dr. Zaineb J.Yossif ,Dr Haiffa Abdel Gany Journal of university of Babylon   No. 598 2014
41 A study in Basra Technical Institute about the assessment of ACAD Administrational Bushra Abdel Allah ,Laman Rady Sulttan ,Kabella Salih Ali Al-Taqani Journal   No 8.8 2014
7 Epideilogical study on human cystic Echinococcsis Hyd atid Disease in B asra province d uring(2000-2005) Biology Dr. Mahmood Salim Maher,Ayad Khalaf Jarry JIARM- ISSN2320-5083   2015
9 Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) Interaction and theAcceleration of Solar Energic Particle(SEP) Environment Dr. Wathiq A. Taha , Hadel Najem ,Dr. Amjad Abdel Nabey Basra Journal of Science Issu Vol.33(2) 2015
15 Comparsion betweenDiffirent Designs of Solar Colector in Basrah City. Solar Energy Dr, Aqeel Y. Hashem IOSR Journal of Applied Physics ISSN:2278-4861 vol.7,Issue2 2015
15 Design andManufacture Three Solar Distillation Units and Measuring Their Productivity Solar Energy Dr. Aqeel Y.Hashem Chemistry &Meterial Research Issn2224-3224 vol.7,No.3 2015
16 The effect of storing time by freezing on chemical strucutre and microbic content for four types of meat Medical  Ayman Abdel Rahman Abdel Nabey Misan Journal of Academic Studies     2015
19 Dynamic Analysis of Fully Anchored circular cylindrical Liquids storage steel Tanks using Finite Element Method. Civil Hanady Abdel Reda Latef Implementing Innovative Ideas in structuralEngineering and Project Management ISBN:978-0-996043   2015
24 Aselection study for sanitary land fill site at Basra city southern Iraq Medical Dr. Mahmood Salim Maher,Ayad Khalaf Jarry Journal of Internatiol Academic Reserch for Multidiscplinary ISSN 2320-5083 Impact factor-1.625   2015
25 An Epidemiol study on human cystic Echincoccosis Hydatid in Basrah province during(2000-2005) Environment Dr. Wathiq A. Taha ,Dr. Mahmood Salam , Dr. Abdul Wahab Abdul Razaq Journal of life Sciences,USA Dio;10.17265/1934   2015
29 The effectiveness of E-learning techniques to achieve quality performance Administrational Dr. Muafaq Abdel Azez International Academy of Engineering and Technology   vol.6 ,Issue3 2015
31 Determine the overall performance of the company based on the interactive relationship between the risks of equipment and external interaction Administrational Assist. Dr. Ayman Asker Managerial Studies Journal University of Basra   No515 2015
33 Determine the overall performance of the company based on the interactive relationship between the risks of equipment and prudction process Administrational Assist. Dr. Ayman Asker Managerial Studies Journal University of Basra   No 432 2015
37 The Liver Aminotrasferase Levels in Diabetes Patients Medical Lobna D. Jaffar Medical Journal of Babylon vol.12 No.3 2015
39 The importance of using statistical methods in rating and calculateing the cost Administrational Zaineb J Yossif, Ibrahim K. Ibrahim Al-Qot Journal Wasit University     2015
40 Effect of adding different levels of anise seeds in broiler provender on production traits and some blood Agricultural Aqbal I. Saleh , Abdel Rhman  Ayman Basra Journal of Agricultural Sciences     2015
44 Transmitting Security Enforcement By Text Encrypting &ImageHiding Techniqe Using  Combined Encrypt/Hide Keys Engineering Dr. Maohammed Dr. LamyaGhalib.  Jawad Basra Journal of Science   Vol.33(2) 2015
46 The use of quantitative and mathematical methods in evaluating decisions Administrational Khowla S. Najem Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences Baghadad university     2015
47 Effects of Filtering on theSynchronization&Performance ofChaos-Based Secure Communication overRayleigh Fading Channel Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad  Communication in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation ISSN:1007-5704 vol.26,no.1-3 2015
48 Synthesis &Identification symmetrically Azo dyes Derved from sulfa Compounds & spectrophotometeric study of Nickel( II) compounds with prepared Dyes. Engineering Dr. Raja Hussein International Journal of Engineerinrg &Technical Research     2015
49 The synthesis &Identification Azo dyes derved from mercurid sulfa compounds &used their Indicator ofacid-Base. Medical Dr. Raja Hussein Research Journal of pharmacutical,Biological&chemical Sciences     2015
2 Consttellation Constrained Multiuser  Multiple -input Multiple Output for High Capacity and Error performance over Correlated Fading Channeis communications Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad wireless Communication wiley vol.16/no.6 2016
12 Prevalence of Cryptospridium among children at Basra province-Iraq Environment Dr. Mahmood Salim , Sara Kamel The 1st International Sicentific Conference     2016
13 Efficiency of fetuin-A and Procalcitonin in the Diagnosis of Infection in pationts with Febrile Seizure Medical Azhar Azher ACTA FACULTATIS MIDIC NAISSENSIS DOL.10.1515/afmni-2016-0004   2016
17 A selection study for sanitary land fill       site at Basra city /southern Iraq. Environment Dr. Wathiq A.Taha ,Dr. Mahmood Salimd ,Dr. Abdel Wahab Abdel Razaq ,Asad Faraj Hamza Journal of life Sciences,USA ISSN:1934 7391   2016
18 Graphical User lterface(GUI)for Design of PasingerCar Suspension system Using Road Profill Mechanical Egineering Duna T. Yassin International Journal of Energy and Enviroment ISSN2076-2895 vol.7 2016
20 Effect 0f additives ratios on workability and strength of self-compacting concerte Cicval Hanady Abdel Reda Latef International Journal for Sciences and Technology ICV:4,32-SJIF:4,487GIF:0.81 vol.11,No.4 2016
22 Field Weakening Control of Separately Excited DC Motor Using Neural Netwok Optemized by Social Spider Algorithm. Computer Ahmed S.Khadim scietiffic Research publishing on line     2016
28 Integration of management of the production risks process with quality systems to improve the performance of the organization by adobting the model (FMEA) as an appllied study in the geanral companies of chemical fertilizer. Administrational Assist. Dr. Ayman Asker Scientific Conference Basra University /College of administration and Economics   No. 7/27/2210 2016
32 On the Synchronization ofSecure Wireless Communication Systems Based on Chaotic Circuits communications Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad The 2ed International Scientific Conference     2016
35 Isolation and Identification of Candida Species from the oral Cavity of Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy in Basrah Medical Dr. Bashar s. Abdel Rahem Jornal of Biology,Agricalture&Health care ISSN2224-3208 No.18 2016
42 Study of Searum Level of VitaminC In Osteoarthritic Patients Medical Lobna D. Jaffar EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF BIO MEDICAL &PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE ISSue 7,543-545 vol.3 2016
43 The Influnce of Modified Montmorillonite on Hardness And Thermal Conductivity of Low Density poyethylene Engineering Ali H. Mohammed The 1st International Sicentific Conference     2016
51 Determination of the rising phase in intensity time profile of the highenergy in the  multi-eruption solar energetic particle events(MESEPs) Envoirment Dr. Wathiq A. Taha,Dr. Duha Mahmood Dr. Amjad Abdel Nabey, Ali Hesham Misan Journal of Academic Studies 15/5   2016
23 DESIGN GROUND BASED RADAR BY USING MATLAB SIMULINK Computer Ahmed S.Khadim International Journal of Engineerinrg Science&Manageme-nt Research ISSN;2349-6193 vol.4 2017
30 Effect of the integrated management system on the performance of operations by adobting the strategy of management risk (field study at SOC). Administrational Assist. Dr. Ayman Asker The 2ed International Scientific Conference     2017
34 An Experimental Study of Parabolic Solar Water Heater Performance located in Basra city Mechanical Egineering Mr. Maher K. Taher Journal of Karbala University   No. 87 2017
36 Effect 0f Three Medicinal Plants Extracts on the Growth of some Yeasts Medical Dr. Bashar s. Abdel Rahem Jornal of Natuural Sciences Research vol.7 No.12 2017
45 Aclassical Approach es  to Hide an Encrypted Text Engineering Dr.Mohamed Jawad , Lamya G. Shab Kufa Review / university of Kufa     2017
  Extending the User Capacity of MU-MIMO with LowDetection Complexity &Receive Diversity. Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad, dr. Falah H. Ali Wireless Networks ISSN:1022-0038 Springer 10.1007/s11276-1467-4 2017
50 New Rules Based Approach for Arabic Data Hiding Engineering Dr. Mohammed Jawad International Journal of Computer Science&Engineering ISSUE(p)2278-9960   2017
1 High Capacity Wireless Multission with Trasmission with  Unequal Error protetion with over Rayleigh Fading Channel communications Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad Wireless Networks ISSN Springer No.3 2015
14 Perform   Evalution of Fading SignatureMultiple Access over Correlated Fading Chanas communications Engineering Dr. Waleed A. Awad Transactions on Signal Processing SOP vol 26 NO.1-3 2015
8 Effect of Ash -Rubber on Some Properties of Concerte Civil Engineering Dr. Napilla A. Taher International Journal of Civil Enginneering Issu Vol.2 2015
5 On the Synchronization ofSecure Wireless Communication Systems Based on Chaotic Circuits communications Engineering Dr. Waleed Abdel Jalel Open Transactions onWireless Sensor Networs SOP No.2 0
6 Synthesis charectorization &Biological Study ofsome New 1’3 -Oxazolon -5(4″4)one Derivatives Biology Haider Abdel Jalel , Hanan Abdel Jalel Chemistry&Material Reserch Issu vol.7,No.2,2015 ,2015
11 PSO Optimized PID Controller for Intercon nected multi-area Power system with and without HVDC link under Open Market System Electrical Engineering Amad A. Dawod International Reserarch Journal of Engineering and Technology(IRJET) Issu;3 vol.4 0