President’s word

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The president word

In The Name of Allah the most merciful and compassionate

“ Act , Allah will behold your actions and his messenger and believers ”  

Allah most mighty has told truth.

Yes… We are saying yes and we will stay work and work and make steps,  draw plans and color benevolent ways for others, we will looking in ourselves hoping that we find what comfort the conscious and brings happiness to people who respect and appreciate them without hurting them.

It’s a difficult journey, but it is wonderful what history will report for all of us in lighting letters, it’s the beginning starts with thousands miles.

 It’s title persistence and double effort

Also it’s lessons will leave in sentiment experience, lesson and sacrifice.

What a wonderful you the honest in your job. Every day you give us a lesson of creativity and glaze.

What a noble you honorable when you persisting on respect the time and others.

Our way is difficult. Don’t wondering it’s the truth

By all means , our grand home contemplates us for shining future.  Our students looking innocently to us , and

They wish to leave conceit and looking for successful.

Our way is difficult needs for effort and patience to reach, and god willing we are the winners. Our way doesn’t take the bet. We have to be or not. I call all of you to be ready,

Raise the endeavors , to successful for all of us.

Our doors are open for creators.

We don’t close them only in front of thieves and decadents

Our doors are open to the workaholics.

We need the effort for all  of you and don’t except one , I don’t want to be a observer and searcher because you The symbol of benevolent,  liberality and high trust.

 But Im looking for creativity ,benevolent and shining in yourselves.

The relationship between the president and subjects can’t

Succeed without the agreement of opinions ,also with the achievement of satisfaction and the growth of experience to be a useful lesson for the near and far level. 

So hand by hand with me nobles and god bless you’re a new year, hoping for you more successful and liberality.

You know the good results of the last period is the fruit of your persistence and effort, which they work hard to reach the top. Yes all ways to right and truth are difficult. But don’t surprise