The University Council

The University Council is the highest administrative authority in the university, formed in South Technical University and is in accordance with the administrative c / a / 1003 dated 23 / December / 2014 selves listed in 

The founding of the university

University included eight formations of Technical Education Authority - Sabaka- are engineering technical / Basra, administrative and technical / Basra, College of Health and medical technology / Basra, in addition to technical institutes

Speech of University President

Yes .. Yes we say that we will keep working and working, and we will chart a paced, draw roads, colored by good for others, look for in our souls might find what relaxes the mind is pleased conscience and without the injured from hold them

South Technical University announces start of registration for new students

Registration begins for new students and old on ?? / ?? / 2015Let’s start together making a new path for your life and bright

South Technical University a new glow in the sky of Iraq


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The University has a clear vision about the nature of Alldoralmanm who will play in the academic and scientific fact, and even social in Iraq

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At trafalgar teacher holiday

At 8:00 am
Residential complex for University